For all of you Mac users out there, it is time to update your Zoom. Zoom recently discovered a security vulnerability in a previously released version of their Zoom application. The way this attack works is, a hacker installs malware on your Mac and then that malware  uses the Zoom installer to fully take over your Mac’s operating system. Zoom has released an updated installer that prevents the malware from utilizing this vulnerability.

Application and software updates

Most of us are very accustomed to updating our computers, smartphones, smart devices, routers, and other devices and software. A lot of these updates we configure to take place automatically in a set it and forget it kind of way. This works most of the time and is important because it makes managing our many devices and their applications easier.

Oftentimes, the device or software does not default with automatic updates, we forget about them and may rarely be updated. This is a problem because there could be security updates, just like the one Zoom just fixed up. It is critical to assess all the apps and software you use and identify how they receive updates and are you able to automate them to self update. If automatic updates are possible and the devices and software aren’t software sensitive, enabling automatic updates for most of us is the way to go. It is also important to then verify that the updates are occurring by regularly checking.

Software sensitive devices

Not all devices, software, or applications should be auto-updated. For most of us, automatic updates are fine, but there are devices that require testing prior to updating. This is important for devices in medical facilities, as a new update may “break” the device. This could also be the case in manufacturing, the small business may have a piece of equipment fine-tuned and the update may take the device offline. It is important to identify all of your devices and identify which devices will be sensitive to updates and to thoroughly test the updates in a safe and controlled manner.

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