Full City Cafe

7878 Oakland Dr
Portage, MI

Andy Simkins, a man who thrives on the challenge of running a business, wasn’t about to let a little thing like a loan application slow him down.  “I like to be in control of what’s done – the decision-making side of running a business,” Andy said,  and acquiring Full City Cafe in Portage was a chance to put his years of experience to the test.

He wasn’t new to the game. In addition to his day job, Andy had owned a trucking company that delivered for FedEx and a Taco Bob’s franchise.  Despite this impressive background, securing a loan proved surprisingly difficult.  Determined to find a solution, Andy reached out to the Michigan SBDC.

There, he met Senior Business Consultant Wendy Spreenberg and Business Consultant John Schmitt.  Together, the team crafted a compelling story that highlighted Andy’s business acumen and built a solid financial plan.  “Thank you so much to the Michigan SBDC – I couldn’t have done it without you,” Andy said later. “The business plan you helped create was so good and helped me with the lender.”

With the Michigan SBDC’s help, Andy secured the funding he needed and acquired the restaurant.  The cafe, known for its “eclectic American Cuisine” made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, was already thriving.  Andy, however, has plans to take it to the next level.  The investment is paying off – the restaurant is attracting more customers and experiencing a steady rise in monthly revenue.  Looking ahead, Andy envisions a future with a new deck for outdoor seating and a menu brimming with exciting new dishes. “I was looking for another revenue stream for retirement, and came across this opportunity,” Andy said.  With the help of the Michigan SBDC, it seems Andy’s found not just a revenue stream, but a recipe for success.


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