A new extortion attack has been identified!

Did you know hackers can also be master manipulators? Be aware of hackers deploying extortion scams, where the hacker forcibly requires you to pay an amount of money so your data they have won’t be leaked. A new extortion scam has been identified that targets small business owners: “breachstortion”. This scam typically sees the small business owner receive an email from the cyber-criminal who states the business owner’s data has been compromised. The cyber-criminal claims they will expose the data to the public if they are not paid the requested ransom.

How to identify high risk breachstortion attacks.

These breachstortion attacks are one of many cyber-ransom attacks. With this particular scam type, it may be difficult to identify if the cyber-criminal actually has access to your data or not. If you receive one of these emails, try to identify if you did, in fact, fall victim to a data compromise before you consider giving any payment. The graphic below depicts some methods your company can use to identify if it is at high-risk.

Methods to use to identify an actual breachstortion attack
Methods to use to identify an actual breachstortion attack

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